Win32 video inputs for directshow and point grey

Added two video inputs useful on Win32 to the video inputs page. In particular, PTAM can use arbitrary webcams with directshow drivers using the videoInput library.

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Video inputs page

Added a page to collect code for various video input methods people have used.

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New blog

News/updates on PTAM will now appear here rather than on the page. Hopefully this will lead to more regular updates. Meanwhile I’ve put up a page with links to other people who’ve managed to integrate PTAM into their projects.

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Quicktime video input on MacOS X 10.6 currently broken

By default, libCVD compiles to 64 bit on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. However CVD uses QuickTime.Framework for video input, and this does not support 64-bit C bindings. Currently to get video input on snow leopard options are to either compile everything as 32 bit, or use libDC1394 (supposedly works fine on OS X, and CVD supports it), or figure out a way to get video input from the Cocoa bindings (which are supported in 64 bit.)

Apple API change notification here.

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