PTAM on GitHub

The PTAM (Parallel Tracking and Mapping) source code has been rereleased under the GPL licence for non commercial use. It is available on GitHub here. Go ahead and fork it.

Currently only the original source code is available. The build scripts have been removed as they had succumbed to bit rot. They will be added back in over time as I get around to redoing them or receive patches and pull requests with them.

If you have any changes you would like to submit, please send a patch or a pull request. If the change is small or a bug fix I will probably merge it straight away. If it is something larger I will add it as a branch for testing. Approved branches will get merged at a later date.

If you require a commercial licence, one can be obtained from Isis Innovation. Please contact Roy Azolay for more information.


About Robert Castle

Freelance consultant at Egomotion Limited, specialising in augmented reality, computer vision, Unity, mobile and desktop apps.
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