Status of PTAM and PTAMM on OSX

PTAM and PTAMM used to build easily on OS X, however as the OS has been updated it now appears that they do not build.

The trick of forcing the compilation to 32-bit only does not appear to work at the moment, and the included configure-10.5-32bit file in PTAMM needs modification to work as the 10.5 SDK appears to be missing in later builds. For example I have 10.6.8 and only have the 10.6 SDK now.

I shall be looking at this issue over the next few weeks and hope to find a reliable solution to getting PTAM and PTAMM building more smoothly.


About Robert Castle

Freelance consultant at Egomotion Limited, specialising in augmented reality, computer vision, Unity, mobile and desktop apps.
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One Response to Status of PTAM and PTAMM on OSX

  1. yes, the libCVD recommand it to download does not compile on anymore on Snow Leopard. only the latest version compile.
    Don’t know if it’s an issue though.

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