PTAMM now available for Mac OS X

Version 1.3 of the PTAMM source code released, adding Apple Mac OS X support.  Download here.

The included manual has a step-by-step install guide for getting PTAMM running under Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard).


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7 Responses to PTAMM now available for Mac OS X

  1. Christian Stewart says:


    I’m stuck at one part. When building PTAMM itself, what are the custom link directories? Even if I remove the -L etc for them it still does not compile right. Sorry, this is kind of new to me.


    • bobcastle says:

      The custom directories are the locations of the header files and the lib files for the third party libraries: libCVD, TooN, GVars, and lib3ds. This is all detailed in the included manual, along with a step by step guide. Hope this helps.

  2. Chrisitan Stewart says:


    Sorry, I was an idiot and didnt see the example installation. I followed it religiously, line for line, yet something weird is happening.

    I’m on a Macbook Pro. I launch the compiled CameraCalibrator, the camera config window pops up (doesnt come to the front weirdly, just stays behind all the other windows), I click the OK button to start, and in the console it either ends with Bus Error or does nothing at all – I.E. the x11 application starts, but no window opens, nothing happens.


    • bobcastle says:

      – Yes, I noticed that about the camera config window. No idea why.
      – Also, I have no idea what the Bus Error is either.
      – It works on my mid 2010 Macbook Pro, but not on my iMac.
      – On the iMac I get the same bus error.

      – Pestering people on the CVD mailing list may help, as it is a libCVD issue.
      – Try using the latest build of libCVD (off the CVS). They may have fixed it.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to chase it down. Sorry I can’t help with this particular issue.

  3. Aaron Wetzler says:

    Hi. I have followed your install for osx. Im running snow leopard on a new mac mini. Everything compiles perfectly. I have connected a PointGrey FLea2 (I know it works because it works in iChat). And then when I type ./CameraCalibrator I get the following:

    GIPMac1s-Mac-mini:PTAMM gipmac1$ ./CameraCalibrator
    Welcome to CameraCalibrator
    Parallel tracking and mapping for Small AR workspaces
    Copyright (C) Isis Innovation Limited 2008

    Parsing calibrator_settings.cfg ….
    VideoSource_OSX: Creating QTBuffer….
    This will open a quicktime settings planel.
    You should use this settings dialog to turn the camera’s
    sharpness to a minimum, or at least so small that no sharpening
    artefacts appear! In-camera sharpening will seriously degrade the
    performance of both the camera calibrator and the tracking system.
    > Error creating QTBuffer; expection: QTBuffer: failed to open video sequence grabber: SGNewChannel returned error

    Any ideas why ?

  4. aaronwetzler says:

    I have the same error on a new mac mini. Any ideas?

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