GStreamer video source

James Y. Wilson has sent along a video source which uses GStreamer on Linux to read video files. Find this on the video inputs page.

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3 Responses to GStreamer video source

  1. Nate says:

    I had to add `pkg-config –libs gstreamer-app-0.10` to LINKFLAGS (to cover functions used from gst/app/*.h) to get this built on Gentoo Linux.

  2. luis galup says:

    my dist of gstreamer does not have a ‘app’ subdir. thus, my gstreamer video source wont build.

    i am building on RHEL 5.6. gstreamer comes installed, though i had to do a

    yum install gstreamer-devel

    to get source.

    should i install something else?



  3. soyspinoza says:

    does anyone have a good test vid, along with a given camera cfg file to test with?


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